1S-LSD: Das Stigma brechen und einige Mythen entlarven

1S-LSD are therapeutic drugs used to treat some concerning mental health problems. For example:

  • depression
  • Fear/tension
  • PTSD
  • OCD

However, our society does not perceive this as a therapeutic drug. We often consider these pills as fake medicines. Many of us believe that these pills can aggravate the already existing mental state and make our situation even worse. Moreover, some often think that we would not be our true selves if we consume these drugs.

Since there are many myths associated with these psychedelic pills, we have created a blog and guide to give you a clear picture.

In this article, we will examine whether these myths are actually myths or whether they are truths that we did not know before.

We will highlight some taboos associated with the use of LSD. We will also note some frequently asked questions.

Without further delay, let’s start this blog post and see how we summarize our findings at the end.

1- LSD is not safe to consume

Many people perceive LSD as a dangerous pill that should not be consumed. They think that these pills can lead to worse experiences.

LSD can trigger ongoing mental health problems if consumed in undefined amounts. This can lead to the recurring “flashbacks” you want to avoid, so it is recommended that you consume the 1S LSD pills in the prescribed amount.

2- 1S-LSD chemical pills are highly addictive

Despite its positive effects on the human mind, many people often think that LSD is a highly addictive drug and that one should not take it. However, we would say that authentic LSD will provide relief to your mind when needed and is not addictive unless you consume it regularly. Moreover, your mind can also become addicted to the psychological experience it may experience.

These pills can alter your mood and perception, which is why you might think that your body is getting used to them. But it depends on many factors, such as the frequency of use or the duration of the mental problem you are consuming them for.

3- You would perform careless acts after using LSD

There is another myth associated with LSD that once you consume LSD pills, you would engage in unhealthy behavior and perform reckless acts. Well, that is not the case. You would not do anything. These pills only have the ability to alter your vision and perception for a while. And they only slow down the serotonin process in your brain. Serotonin is a chemical in your brain and is responsible for controlling the thought pattern and emotional behavior.

4- LSD can alter your perception/vision

1S LSD pills interact with your brain’s serotonin chemical, thereby altering perception and vision. Often people think that you will lose your mind and have no control over yourself when you consume these psychedelic pills. Yes, these chemical drugs actually alter your sensory experience. And you might experience an altered vision. 

5- Mental health conditions would be triggered after LSD

There is a stigma associated with taking LSD that it could trigger the mental health problems you already have. Well, first of all, you might find that your mental health is altered

, but that is not the case. These psychedelic pills only relax the brain’s serotonin chemical and do nothing after that. However, the effects of these drugs can be unpredictable and have serious consequences if consumed regularly without a prescription. 

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Final verdict:

This article has profoundly highlighted that the myths associated with LSD consumption are just myths and we need to spread the correct information among the people to avoid misguidance.


We will highlight some of the frequently asked questions in this section that highlight the misconceptions about LSD. We hope you find these inquiries very helpful.

How is 1S-LSD different from 1V-LSD?

ID-LSD is believed to have replaced the prodrug, IV-LSD, in Germany. It was covered by the German NpSG law in 2022.

What are the most common myths about 1S-LSD?

Some of the most common myths associated with 1S LSD are:

  • Permanent brain damage
  • Danger of losing your mind
  • Severe hallucinations

Why are there so many taboos surrounding the use of LSD?

There are so many taboos surrounding the use of LSD because it is a psychedelic drug used to treat mental health problems. 

Are there therapeutic benefits of 1S-LSD in treating mental health problems?

YES, research suggests that LSD has therapeutic benefits for mental health problems such as depression and PTSD.

How can education help break the stigma surrounding 1S-LSD use?

We can spread the right information and dispel the misconceptions surrounding LSD use by speaking out about it.

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